• Advanced Nano-Grip Technology sticks to any surface without adhesives
  • Reusable – just remove and rinse
  • Securely holds up to 17.5 lbs
  • Tough, weatherproof design works indoors and outdoors
  • Great for hanging pictures & decorations, stopping furniture & carpet from sliding, securing phones while driving and more

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Step 1
Simply apply...
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Step 3
...and stick to any surface!

Permanent solution for painted walls.

Versatile, Clever Design Is Perfect
For All This & Much More:

Installing on brick
Installing on brick
Attaching to wood
Attaching to wood
Securing furniture
Any Surface

Alien Tape Strips

The pre-cut, double-side, stick anywhere, reusable tape. Instantly locks into place without adhesives and glue. Alien Strips bond instantly and hold strong onto any surface.

Gravity-defying advanced grip technology works on all types of surfaces, indoors or out. Best of all, Alien Strips work dry and hold strong even when wet. No more drilling, hammers, screws, or nails.

Just give it a twist, and it comes right off. Then just give it a rinse and reuse! Alien Strips are guaranteed to stay just as sticky and just as strong. Now you can hang, decorate, fix and repair just about anything, anywhere.

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No More Nails or Screws!
Remove, rinse, and reuse

Great for EVERY room in the house!

Look at all the rooms you can use Alien Tape Strips in!


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